Tennessee Sports Betting

Tennessee Sports Betting Sees Another Controversy

William Hill TN investigation

The Tennessee sports betting industry has posted some impressive numbers since a November 2020 launch, but there have also been some major issues arise.

The Tennessee Education Lottery is in charge of overseeing the new industry, and that group is now having to investigate a second sportsbook.

Action 24/7 became the first sportsbook in the US to have its license suspended after it was discovered that a number of criminal activities took place at the site. The license has since been temporarily reinstated based on an injunction from the court system.

This time, it is William Hill that is under investigation, and college prop betting is the reason why. According to an image that was shared online, William Hill allegedly accepted a prop wager on a college sporting event, and this type of betting is prohibited in the state.

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The Tennessee Education Lottery is investigating this allegation, but no further comments were offered. This group will likely be hesitant to issue a punishment this time around as it was determined that didn’t follow proper protocol with Action 24/7.

William Hill is known as America’s Number One Sportsbook, and it is available in a number of different states in the United States. The company has not yet commented on these allegations, but there is a chance that it could have been a simple mistake with the technology on the site.

William Hill did not launch sports betting in March with the first wave of sports betting apps, but it did launch just in time for the NCAA Tournament. This app is expected to be one of the leaders in the Tennessee market, but this could cause the sportsbook to get off to a bad start.

Lack of Standard Punishment

Tennessee lawmakers spent a great deal of time creating TN gambling laws, rules, and regulations, but they failed to address one major issue. The current rules do not outline a specific process for punishing sportsbooks that break the rules.

Not only is a process not yet laid out, but there is also no clear definition as to what the punishments should be for each mistake. This puts the TEL in a very difficult position if it believes that William Hill knowingly accepted this illegal wager.

Fate of Action 24/7 Still Unsure

Even though William Hill is the latest sportsbook to be under investigation, Action 24/7 is not in the clear yet in Tennessee. The injunction that was issued from the judge does not clear the company of any wrongdoing, and stiffer punishments could eventually be put in place.

There is also a bill currently in the Tennessee legislature that targets what lawmakers deem to be unsafe practices with the company. Action 24/7 has a sister company, Advance Financial 24/7, and lawmakers are worried that it could lead to problem gambling.

Lawmakers want to ensure that sports bettors aren’t able to take out a loan at Advance Financial 24/7 and then make a deposit at the sportsbook. It’s unclear if an official law will be passed and what that might mean for the local sportsbook.

Check back for more TN sports betting news and the latest sports news in The Volunteer State.

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